Create Your Bana City

AquaBanas are high quality inflatable floating platforms (called Banas) that connect together to form larger floating platforms called Bana Cities on the water. All systems start with either the Party Bana or the Picnic Bana, and grow from there.

All Banas are loaded with applicable standard features such as:

Standard Features

  • 1 – 20cm/8” Drop Stitch Deck
  • 2 – Connecting Handles
  • 3 – Non-Slip Top Surface
  • 4 – Tent Anchor Rings
  • 5 – Quick Step Access
  • 6 – Stable Ballast Bags
  • 7 – Footwell Openings
  • 8 – Drop Stitch Table Top
  • 9 – Inflated Back Rests
  • 10 – Cooler Cut Out
  • 11 – Multiple Inflation Valves

How to Start Your Bana City

All AquaBanas systems typically start with either the Picnic or Party Bana as a Foundation. There are currently 2 table styles are offered: a 120cm/48” round table, or a 218cm/86“ rectangular table called the Picnic Bana. These items will serve as the foundation to connect all other Bana products to as you build your Bana City system.