Clearvac – Malta & Middle East

The Clearvac Group have over 30 years experience commissioning and servicing
Waste Water, HVAC, Desalination and Water Production.

We offer a truly global service with offices in EuropeAsia, Brazil, Malta & The Middle East

Clearvac Group service all grey water drainage systems with our newly formulated product; Eco Drain-away is a fast acting non corrosive drain cleaner which causes rapid decomposition of any organic waste matter. Eco Drain-away can be used on all grey water gravity systems such as accommodation & galley drainage, preventing health & safety issues and potential down time.

Representing Clearvac in Malta & the Middle East for all Clearvac services, Super yachts, Cruise Liner, O&G and commercial operations, Medasia Marine & Yachting and Clearvac deliver these services directly to you.

Clearvac Group offer a wide variety of Air Hygiene Services to any number of ventilation systems. These range from the Bridge, Accommodation, Galley, Laundry, Hospital, Control room and Staff areas to name a few. Carrying out these services are crucial to ensuring the systems are compliant with current Health & Safety, Industry standard, Insurance Guidance and Regulations keeping any air supplied to an occupied area to a compliant standard. In the case of the extract systems ensuring that any fire hazards are removed and providing a Clearvac certification for insurance purposes.

HVAC – Super Yachts – Land Based – Reverse Osmosis

The Clearvac method of descaling:
Applying a unique, non-hazardous product paired with a specific non-intrusive procedure, (determined by the
Clearvac team specified by vessel size, time scale and job scope) Clearvac will effectively remove all hard scale deposits and return pipework back to new condition. The service will not affect business or sailing conditions and the vacuum system will be fully operational. There will be no disruption to passengers or crew.

It has been my pleasure to have employed Clearvac International aboard Motor Yacht Princess Too. Dave and his team were very professional in their approach to the project with very thorough explanations of what would happen and when.

It was most important to me that the project could be carried out without any disruption to the use or daily running of the yacht, this was achieved with apparent ease.

The results speak for themselves, our on-board vacuum pipework had narrowed significantly due to the build-up of scale etc… and upon completion of the works the system looked as new! And at no point was the toilet system of the yacht out of use or compromised in any way.

I can only thoroughly recommend Clearvac International, and their product, and I shall be using them again. A rare find in the yachting sector, a cost effective solution to an everyday problem that works. Not only are we delighted with the results, the team who carried out the work were clean tidy and a pleasure to have aboard. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Yours sincerely,

Graeme Riddle
Captain My Princess Too

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