Our Commercial Marine Services

At Medasia Marine we are to listen and understand  the client’s requirements and needs which are fundamental points for securing, repairing and maintaining your maritime assets.

For this reason, we rely on our knowledge, experience, and personal relationships in offering our clients the best commercial services for the right value.

Medasia Marine team is always on hand to consult and guide you with the best opportunities and availability that the commercial marine market has to offer.

Medasia Marine consists of a team of dedicated professionals with various backgrounds in the marine services and manufacturing industry. Our team is available to assist and support your requirements.

Our services include Ship Agency, Sales, Charter, Procurement and storage facilities along with Management & Consultancy Services in Malta and the Middle East

Proven results in an ever changing world

We strive to excel in our ability to provide the highest quality products in order to meet all of our customers requirements. We maintain a continuous improvement programme for our employees, processes, products and customer service.

Every employee is encouraged to identify, review and continually strive for improvement in all areas of the company to assure customer satisfaction.

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