Commercial manufacturing and distribution of HDPE marine products.

The advantages of HDPE in the boat manufacturing are

• Since HDPE is very durable against aging and corrosion (minimum measured life is 50 years) , the life of the HDPE boat is more then the boats made of any other materials.
• Tension crack resistance and crack running resistance are high, the impacts remain minimum damage.
• HDPE is flexible and durable; the boats resist to worst weather conditions. Also, flexibility enhances the comfort in the bad weather conditions.
• It is easier to assemble HDPE then steel, wood, aluminum or other composite materials.
• Polyethylene has anti-corrosion advantage.
• With the additives, HDPE does not become fragile at the low temperatures and resists at the high temperatures.
• It is not toxic and easy to clean. It is also water and dirt repellent.
• It is resistant to freezing. HDPE is not effected even the liquid it contains gets frozen.
• HDPE boats do not require painting or any care, especially the toxic cares.

Designed to withstand tough commercial environments

The Eco Marine Craft HDPE (High Density Polyethelene) range of boats are fabricated primarily for use in the offshore and marine construction environments, the off-shore oil and gas industry, and for military use.
Eco Marine Craft’s range of HDPE boats have been developed as a replacement to conventional RIB’s and have virtually indestructible HDPE hulls that are specifically designed to handle in tough commercial environments.

Eco Marine Craft’s HDPE boats can be used for various applications, but our boats are primarily used as work boats, personnel transfer boats and scuba replacement boats (SRP). Our boats are supplied with petrol outboards or inboard diesel motors and our inboard versions can be supplied with water jet drive or Z-drive (stern drive) systems to suit each application.

* Work Boats

* Water Transport Vessels

Eco Marine Craft designs and manufactures a complete range of water transport vessels, built to classification rules we offer a range from 10m – 24m built from HDPE, the indestructible HDPE product requires little maintenance, has a extended life span that emits ZERO toxins to the water and has no corrosion.

These vessels can be outboard engine powered, inboard diesel or fully sustainable with the fully electric solar powered system.

* Boat Berths

  • Increase speed and fuel efficiency by eliminating anti-foul paints on the hull
  • Launch and retrieve your vessel in minutes
  • Maximise days on water; minimize maintenance time
  • Quick, safe and easy to launch for quick deployment
  • 3 different models suit vessels up to 15 metric tonnes
  • UV stable Heavy Duty HDPE construction ensures the berth is environmentally friendly & maintenance free
  • Fits to most mooring configurations
  • No submerged metal parts
  • Isolates air and water for added safety
  • HDPE has a design life of 50 years plus

* Containment Booms

A containment boom is a floating barrier used to contain floating debris, such as plastic, rubbish, silt and sediment, or pollutants that enter our waterways through construction, development and everyday living.

Eco Marine Craft designs, manufactures, supplies and installs different types of containment booms. All containment booms are in-country solutions.

As every construction site and marine environment is different, the booms can be custom designed and manufactured to suit the project requirements.

* Jelly Fish Protection

Our jellyfish protection systems are primarily used at public, private and hotel beaches to protect swimmers from jellyfish within a confined area.

They also perform a similar role (or may form part) of a swimming barrier to demarcate a safe swimming area or a debris boom to protect a swimming area from rubbish.

Our Eco Marine Product Detachable Float Nets are bespoke made  and designed for quick and easy maintenance, re-positioning, re-installation or removal. The nets can be supplied as a stand-alone barrier or detachable barrier that can be attached to an existing swimming barrier, and do not harm marine life.

* Aquaculture

Known for its strength, flexibility, durability and reliability. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is an extremely unique product for open water fish farming. Fish farmers throughout the world use HDPE for its resistance to marine organisms, abrasive sea water, and UV Rays.

Eco Marine is a leading manufacturer of fish pens for the aquaculture industry. Our fish pens are available and built in a variety of sizes and configurations to match site conditions, species to be grown and customer preference.


Zero Corrosion

Eco Marine Craft products offer zero corrosion, resists fouling, is easily maintained and has a 50 year UV protection.

4 times the life

Eco Marine Craft products last four times longer than its alloy competitors by its robust, durable HDPE construction, good design and structural integrity.

 5 times lower carbon

Eco Marine Craft materials and construction energy has a carbon footprint five times lower than alloy or GRP.


Customer’s choice in design, performance and features is our mission.

Eco Marine Craft is a subsidiary of Medasia Marine, fully endorsed with a commercial manufacturing operation alongside its existing vessel construction process .

Whilst we manufacture HDPE products we may consult with other suppliers to bring the customer the best options available for individual projects. Some of the images used in the presentation have been granted permission to be used.

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