12.5mt Special Forces Ribs

2 x Special Forces RHIBs Equipped with 4x300HP engines these 12.5m boats are hardened for maritime security operations and can operate in extreme conditions.

Equipped with VHF, GPS and satellite communications, these RHIBs have top speed of 60 knots.

RHIBs have an endurance of 8hrs at full speed and a range of 460 nm.

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Medasia Marine are agents for the owners Sovereign Charterers Ltd who is a vessel chartering company based in the Mediterranean island of Malta.  Its purpose is to provide chartering services with or without crew to companies or governments operating in the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas (Energy)
  • Security (Fisheries patrol, Maritime Security & Maritime Evacuation, Logistics Support, Critical Infrastructure Protection)
  • Film Industry (Maritime Sets, Camera Boats)
  • Logistics Support (Crew changes, Vessel Resupply, Crew Accommodation)

In addition to these services, we offer a wide range of educational & training courses related to the maritime industry and oil and gas industry through partnership with internationally recognised classification agency RINA .

Operating from Malta offers a number of advantages; Malta is a safe, neutral EU member state on a major shipping route through the Mediterranean.  We are within easy reach of all Mediterranean ports and are just a few hours sailing from north African countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.