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Pacifico Voyager – 99

Pacifico Voyager 99 is a new format of marine recreation. This is a compact family cruiser combining comfort and practical use of the internal space. Cost-efficient in operation and maintenance, the multihull boat is distinguished by its functionality. Its seaworthiness enables sailing at long distances even in bad weather.

A comfortable yacht accommodates guests in two cozy cabins, and a spacious messing compartment gathers everyone at one table. The boat saloon is equipped with a control room, a galley stand, an L-shaped sofa and a table which can be transformed into an additional berth. The boat cockpit is made flush with the saloon and forms a single functional area with it. A sundeck can be equipped on the cockpit.

The boat is suitable for recreation in the coastal waters of seas, rivers and lakes for a company of up to 12 persons. The shallow draft and outboard motors of the PV99 make it sail to the coast and shallow bays. The smooth ride of the multihull boat is the most important factor of comfort maintaining a high speed on a seaway.

Pacifico Voyager – 99SF – Sport Fish & Dive

Pacifico Voyager 99 Sport Fisher is a yacht designed specially for fishing and diving. The main feature of the model is an outer aft deck which lets to deal with fishing gear conveniently, set oxygen tanks and extra fridges for catch.

A light hull made of fiberglass on epoxy binder lets it to go fast and reduce fuel consumption. And the nautical shapes of the hull lets to feel comfortable on the board even in stormy waters.

The ship is perfectly suited for fishing, diving and water rest in company of 12 persons. It differs by a shallow draft, only 0,57 metres, and by high maneuverability. Thus, it intended for exploitation not only at sea but also on rivers and lakes.

Pacifico Voyager -117 – Leisure & Commercial Options

The Pacifico Voyager 117 leisure multihull boat with a flybridge is a dream for lovers of marine recreation.

The spacious interior, modern attractive design and low fuel consumption allow for 3-4 days to forget about returning to the coast and truly enjoy the sea spaces complete autonomy regime.

A panoramic view in the saloon and the large space on the upper deck make guests enjoy the boat sail together with the captain. Four cabins in floats, two bathrooms and a spacious saloon with a galley. The circular passage around the cockpit and the upper control post form a large open area on two tiers. The wide sliding door at the saloon entrance creates a feeling of a single space with the aft cockpit.

Pacifico Cruise – 120 Commercial Operations

Pacifico Cruise 120 is a real home on the water with a large space on the upper deck, an open saloon and a spacious cockpit – all you need to fully enjoy the sea leisure.

The basic layout of the multihull boat includes five separate dining areas for 6 persons and a comfortable sofa around the saloon.

One of the main advantages of this multihull boat is that you can freely change the layout. So, the multihull boat can easily be made in the family version with three cabins in the floats and a full-fledged galley in the saloon.

The upper deck can be equipped with a built-in kitchen unit. The open space allows installing the sun loungers, soft leisure seats, portable dining seats, and organizing any kind of outdoor recreation in the open sea. Strong and high rails provide safety on the upper deck, and a cruise speed of 12 knots makes it comfortable to stay there even on the go.

Pacifico Voyager -120

Pacifico Voyager 120 has a spacious saloon of 40 square meters, 3 cabins, a bathroom, a hammam and an open upper deck with a second control post. The total usable area is more than 80 sq.m.

The basic configuration of the yacht includes 2 stationary engines of 125 HP each. They provide a cruising speed of 16 knots comfortable for pleasant sea trips. Due to low fuel consumption in stationary mode and light hull, the vessel is 2 times more economical than a monohull boat of the same size.

A hammam type steam room accommodates up to 4 people. It takes literally a couple of minutes to heat up. Panoramic glazing allows you to enjoy sea views directly from the steam room and minimizes sickness. A special pleasure is to warm up in the hammam, and then dive into the cool water overboard.

Pacifico Sail -153

The Pacifico Sail 153 multihull boat has the A category of ISO standard certification. So, it is resistant to all weather conditions and appropriate for adventures across the Pacific Ocean.

Interior and exterior boat space design based on specificities of using the boat in long transitions.

Spacious roofed cockpit, wide side walkway, capacious bow deck, the saloon of 28 m2 and 3 cabins transform the multihull boat into the real houseboat of 85 m2.

The height of the ceilings is two or more meters – even a tall man feels comfortable on the sailing catamaran.

The construction material is carbon fiber on epoxy binder. This type of material is resistant to osmosis and non-poisonous. Due to these characteristics, the multihull boat is safe and ecological. It serves more than 30 years.

Pacifico Voyager – 199

Today, the Pacifico Voyager 199 multihull boat is the most spacious among the leisure segment, using both the maximum allowable length of 20 m, and also a width of 8.5 m, realizing the main advantage of multihull boats over monohull vessels.

The yacht is designed for an unlimited navigation area and complies with the “A-Ocean” category, giving the crew the opportunity to make long journeys at a low fuel consumption. A wide range of weather conditions was one of the important requirements of the technical specifications for the design, and as a result the multihull boat has an almost unlimited choice of climatic zones.

Laconic design and modern exterior. The multihull boat has four guest cabins, a master cabin, a full-fledged kitchen, a sauna and a spacious saloon for recreation are all available to the Pacifico Voyager 199 owner.

Pacifico Voyager – 240

preliminary specifications coming soon.

About The Brand

Brand Pacifico Yachts has been operating since 2000. Today are one of the few companies in Russia engaged in the construction of passenger and recreational catamaran fleet, as well as patrol and working vessels made of composite materials.

Due to the shipyard experts’ skills, use of modern ideas and solutions in the field of materials and installed equipment we are able to carry out the most promising projects of modern shipbuilding. Diverse experience in building a wide range of sizes and types of vessels, annual internships and advanced staff development training allow us to perform on the same level as the world leading companies.

The Pacifico Yachts Shipyard

We started our activity from building a yacht for ourselves 16 years ago, and for now, Pacifico Yachts has more than 55 completed projects including passenger and pleasure multihull boats.

Nowadays more than 40 people work on the shipyard. The specialists have been regularly trained at the leading shipyards of Australia, France, UAE and New Zealand and it lets us build boats according to the international technologies level. The Albatross Marine Design Bureau designs the boats of the Pacifico Yachts line, the Chief Designer is Albert Nazarov.

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