High Capacity Tenders & VIP Bespoke Construction

Medasia Marine produce exceptionally designed and expertly crafted bespoke yacht-tenders.

The Medasia Marine design team work with clients from concept to realization, delivering performance, luxury and style in a vessel unique to you.

Each vessel produced is built by expert craftsmen and finished to the highest standards. Smart storage methods are employed to fit your vessel seamlessly within available storage space.

Our vessels are produced at various selected build sites and we offer a complete range for sale and charter in the Mediterranean from our Maltese headquarters. Medasia Marine v-type ribs are also available and delivered internationally using innovative freight solutions, reducing lead time and logistics costs. We currently supply clients in Europe, the Caribbean, Maldives and the Gulf States.

At Medasia Marine, we developed our world class reputation by providing the finest in bespoke luxury super-yacht tenders. All vessels in this range come as a custom built package to suit your preference and style.

Choose from yacht-tenders, chase-tenders, outboard ribs, inboard ribs and high performance vessels all crafted to your precise specifications.