Production Boats Dealers

A boat dealer specializes in the sale of specific brands offered by a boat dealership, and is a good choice for the person in search of a new model from a particular builder. Because a dealer represents certain brands, he will have a thorough knowledge of the makes he sells, including what’s available and what is coming down the line from a manufacturer in the future.

In addition the dealer can help a consumer acquire a new boat that’s equipped and powered to his preference, which is something a broker can’t do as he typically deals with listings of boats that have already been built. A boat dealer may also sell used boats, many of which have been taken in on trade, and while his knowledge of used boats is typically more limited than that of a broker, his expertise on used boats from the manufacturer he represents should be thorough, and he can act as a substantial database of potential buyers for that brand. Thus, the dealer is a good source for the sale of a used model from the builder(s) he represents. Also, if you need to make a trade to buy a new boat, a dealer is a good choice because he can finalize the trade quickly. A broker, on the other hand, can offer to help you sell your used boat while helping you shop for another model. That process could require more time.