SC45 P1

Whether one is mentioning a 41-footer Chaudron product which recorded a Certificate of Dominance for winning three consecutive Championships (2007, 2008, 2009) in the SuperSport category – 2007 Italian Roscioli Hotels; 2008 Conam Yachts and 2009 Seagull Chaudron – on the UIM Powerboat P1 World Championship; Or referring to the Super Boat International where two other 41-footer Chaudron products took the 2011 Key West World Championship by storm winning both their respective categories on their first outing in powerboat racing in the United States – Ukrainian Spirit (P1-55), won the Manufacturer Production 1 Class, with Seagull (P3-43),

winning the Manufacturer Production 3 Class: Two Ukrainian owned boats of Maltese origin! In 2014 Aaron Ciantar as Team Chaudron clinched the V1 European Championship and also his fourth World title at the U.A.E. Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

Founded in 1988 the company started its operation with the construction of boats in the sixteen to twenty-two foot range.

Today, twenty-five years later the successful initial formula is still applied – quality of construction and material where every boat is custom built to the particular taste of the client.