The Mazarin Shipyard

Welcome to the world of MAZARIN yacht. Approximately 70% of the earth is covered with water. The dream of enjoying beautiful times on the blue water is pursued consistently by many. Today MAZARIN will take you to a brand new lifestyle of yachting.

We are very proud that MAZARIN German yacht is a harmonious combination of extraordinary German industrial quality, world-renowned yacht design, premium equipments from top luxury brands, environmental-friendly high-tech materials. MAZARIN, known as “A diamond on the water”, has always played a pioneering role in the field of large luxury yachts. The mission of MAZARIN is to combine the luxury lifestyle with quality of the highest standards. MAZARIN is dedicated to provide the global clients with top quality yachts and service.

With customer-oriented cooperate value, MAZARIN has increasingly become a leading brand in the yacht industry. Mazarin is the first shipbuilder in China that provides one-stop service, which covers yacht design, production, German professional control, global a sales network and efficient after sales service. Therefore, our customers can get unprecedented yachting pleasure.

— Yanwei Mao

Chairman of Mazarin (Qingdao) Yacht Co., Ltd

MAZARIN established its brand new shipyard (total planning area is more than 100,000sqm) and facilities in Qingdao, China (Tianheng provincial tourism resort) for the Far East market, particularly China market. The product range of MAZARIN covers yacht from 45ft to 105ft, among which 66 feet, 72 feet motor yacht, 72 feet sailing yacht and 54feet catamaran are major products.

Germany craftsmanship and innovation process is implemented in the new shipyard. All the components use on the yacht, such as high performance engines, generators, electronics and interior accessories, are all from world-renowned premium suppliers. And Mazarin is one of the earliest brands that introduced carbon fiber reinforced plastic into the production of yacht. Since 2012, MAZARIN became a member of CFK Valley—the world-leading network for carbon fiber material.