Semi Submersible Submarines

Experience the unique experience of a comfortable and safe ride
below the sea surface. Through the 5m² glass windows,
watch the beautiful sea world. The submarine does not
dive so that those claustrophobic also have the
opportunity to enjoy or go out on deck. Choose a
day or night ride and experience
something you never have !!!

Technical characteristics:
Length over all: 9,95m
Width over all: 2,95m
Draft: 1,50m
Weight: 12000kg
Max load capacity: 12 + 2 persons
Max power: 90hp

This is a specific vessel that provides passengers with a view of the sea. It is intended for short sightseeing tours of underwater flora and fauna and can accommodate up to 12 passengers. It is also capable of night sightseeing. There is a possibility of customization for special purposes, such as underwater booths for intimate dinner …

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