Keep the fun spinning…
and enjoy your precious time with friends and family. Hear your heart laugh! Feel freedom, exciting moments, enjoy the fun time, the adrenalin kicks and save these unforgettable impressions in your heart.

Your passion is our mission: Best value for money with high quality products for the funniest days on the water!

Let us SPIN to a new ERA!

SPINERA represents for S pecialist, P rofessional, I nnovation, N ew, e xciting, R efined, A pproved. Spinera products incorporate more than 20 years of know-how, strong material and thoughtful design.

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We enjoy a good international reputation and work hard to provide up-to-date product innovations, the latest technologies and the latest manufacturing techniques for developing the best water sports products. You benefit from the best price-performance ratio, a professional partner and excellent service. 

Spinera offers 2 product lines with a huge variety of products. The Spinera Consumer line was specifically designed for residential customers who expect a durable product at an affordable price. With the fun and multifunctional inflatable fun products, the high-quality vests at really low prices, you can enjoy your precious time with friends and family on the water. Whether you are pulled off the boat, lie down on a wild ride or funny slide, or just chill on the tube … hear your heart laugh!

Great for you

Become a member of the SPINERA family and … keep the fun spinning!

The Spinera Professional line offers excellent quality and is specially made for rental and commercial use as well as for private customers and superyacht owners who demand only the highest quality in the market. Water sports centers and park operators enjoy the durable products, especially the heavy duty material, profitable terms, a professional partner and best service with point of distribution, an international distribution of water sports products. Cable park operators appreciate the professional and colored rental suits and vests for a simple indication. Ongoing product innovations like the Endless Ride Towable bring a unique fun position to your water sports center.

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