Waydoo Flyer | Carbon Composite Construction

The World’s best priced electric foil is right here in the Middle East & European regions. Performance compares directly with the other top e foil brands, however priced much better at $6500 including the battery! + shipping

The Waydoo Flyer is the highest performing/well valued electric foil on the market. We are and in partnership with Waydoo MENA exclusive dealers for the Flyer e foil.

With over an hour of flight time, you’ll be totally addicted to the feeling of foiling! The electric foil is by far the easiest way to learn to foil out of any foil sports.

After testing various electric foil board’s on the market, we have found an extremely well performing/well priced E-foil for the Middle East market. The Waydoo Flyer.

The board is well balanced with the foil. The power is very smooth on the hand remote. All parts & electronics are of the highest quality materials & with DJI as a backer you have to have some trust in this product.

The main thing for us was the flight time with the battery, the Flyer manages to get around 40 – 70 min flight time depending on weight/usage etc. There are 5 power settings on the hand remote & a very accurate main battery power indicator.

This particular company caught our attention as they have an aircraft/electronic background (essentially what an e-foil is) & needs. With DJI as a backer this company has some solid credibility.


Carbon construction

6,000 W motor which is supposed to be good for 35 km/h

Samsung 18650 lithium batteries offer a run time of 40-60 minutes. Charging time 2 hours.

The remote control has LED indicators for battery power and speed level. The speed level can next to throttle also be controlled with 2 buttons (plus and minus).

15kg without battery & 28kg with

5’5″ @ 100L

Waydoo Flyer is a first-class futurist electric hydrofoil for watersport enthusiasts. With fine design and advanced built-in technology, Waydoo Flyer gives users a steady and long-lasting ride and even unique fly-above-water experience.