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Yacht Platforms


The inflatable platforms of YACHTBEACH are so simple to install, to remove and even to transport.

Within minutes one platform is inflated and ready to float.

A special 12 POINT HANDLE SYSTEM makes it quite easy to fix the floating beaches everywhere
4 ballast bags in the water guaranty comfortable stability.

The special RENEWABLE ARTIFICIAL LEATHER COMFORT TOP gives you more the feeling of a couch than a platform.
The leather surface is available in 3 different styles and textures, UV resistant,
saltwater resistant and, that’s the best.  renewable!

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Create your own pool in the world´s biggest pool. To swim in the ocean but enjoy the safety of a pool: YACHTBEACH LUXURY POOL is YOUR perfect solution.

POD offers 2 different kind of ocean pools:

YB LUXURY POOL 6 x 4 with EVA top:

  • Super elegant and luxury design
  • Interior dimensions: 466cm x 310cm / External dimensions: 616cm x 410cm
  • Depth: about 240cm
  • Lying surface: width of 100cm
  • Made of high quality 20cm drop stitch
  • Covered with flexible artificial Teak
  • Due to Yachtbeach-Handle-Connection System fits perfect to all YACHTBEACH platforms or with corner D-rings to most competitor platforms
  • Super lightweight design
  • Scope of delivery includes bathing ladder, carrying bag and repair kit

Useful storage | can be stylish, YACHTBEACH Jet Ski Docks make it real!

Because of the special YACHTBEACH handle system several platforms and/or the jet ski dock fit perfect to yachts, super yachts or even beach clubs.
Due to the VELCRO STRAP system fixing is so simple and fast.

To store Jet Skis, water toys like seabobs or any kind of boards is not a problem anymore.

You want to have something else?!
Let us know your wishes and requirements, and you will get your own very private version of a Jet Ski dock! YACHTBEACH offers you the option of CUSTOMIZED Jet Ski docks.


The YACHTBEACH Sofa is another highlight inside the YACHTBEACH luxury line.
The inflatable air sofa consists of 2 separate air chambers easily and fast to be pumped up.
The cover is made of high quality artificial marine leather, which is UV resistant and saltwater resistant.

The corner sofa is a perfect upgrade to all YACHTBEACH platforms but fits also on every other platform – simple and easy to fix with 4 straps.

Due to the high-quality material, the sofa also can be used in the garden, in the pool or on the terrace. Easy to stow, it can be quickly set up – Everywhere!

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JetXtender – Extend your Jet Ski and your fun!

We offer you fun, transportation and simple handling in one great tool.
Our total inflatable boat tender for any brand of Jet Ski offers space for up to 6 more people.

Interesting for every Jet Ski owner: The JetXtender has the EU Certification as a boat, so you can use your Jet Ski together with the JetXtender almost everywhere.
Sounds good, right?!

Totally inflatable, easy to transport and even easier to install, that’s the new JetXtender.
From now on you can have the perfect combination of a Jet Ski and a dinghy, share your fun with family and friends and you won´t miss a thing anymore.

4 chambers separately pumped up create a 35kg small package to a full dinghy.
4 simple connecting points make it totally easy to connect your Jet Ski or Seadoo with our JetXtender.

Transport your family and friends from your boat to the beach or create your own private water-taxi.

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Space for both, people AND water toys always is a challenge to every boat and yacht owner.

The YACHTBEACH line combines both:  Great platforms with stylish design connected to one big Jet Ski dock or the 1-piece Jet Ski Dock 4.1 with teak design which fits perfect with every YACHTBEACH platform.

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