These bikes cannot be ridden without admiring glances and comments, if you don't want to be noticed, this is not the bike for you.


The Cooler King eBike's

Cafe King 750S Black Edition eBike

750w, 48v, Cafe Racer Style Electric Bike

Cooler King 750ST eBike

48v, Retro Style Electric Bike

Cooler King 750st BLACK EDITION eBike

48v, Retro Style Electric Bike

Cooler King 750ST8 eBike

48v, Retro Style Electric Bike

Compromise is not an option.

We source, design and make the type of bikes we want to ride and be seen riding. If we don’t love it, you won’t see it here.

Limited Editions

Each year a certain annual numbered batch is manufactured making the eBikes even more unique.

Custom Made

British designed and finished there the eBikes quality is second to none, all components tested and eBikes put together before delivery.

Cool AF

These eBikes are not for shrinking violets, you rock up and you look cool on a cool eBike, that's cool AF.

Order Yours Now

Most of our stock is pre-sold, we have a number of units coming in and on order all the time depending on the manufacturing program.

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