FIFISH — A New Species Of Underwater Drones

Explore The Underwater World


With all-directional freedom of movement and a compact design, FIFISH V6 delivers a revolutionary
point of view for explorations, underwater photography, and industrial inspections.

The ergonomic design and smart functions provide a comfortable and precise operating experience for the user
FIFISH V6’s combination of high performance, compact size, and affordable pricing has opened an exciting opportunity for the global consumer market to learn and discover more about the oceans that surround us.






FIFISH V6s Combines all of the award-winning features of the FIFISH V6
with a substantial upgrade in battery capacity and the addition of a compact and powerful robotic claw

The V6s is powered by Premium Panasonic batteries that enable extended dive times of up to 6 hours and reduce downtime with safe and quick charging capabilities.



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