Get Your Eyes — Underneath The Surface Before Its Too Late..

Underwater Surveys

ROV & Diver Surveys with Sonar Imaging.

We conduct underwater surveys on behalf of a variety of clients across many sectors. From bridges, oil rigs, marine vessels and police forces, our team of skilled operators are available for long term asset surveying work or rapid deployment security and construction issues.

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Get an overview of what is going on in the fish pen

Get close to your fish and perform daily inspections. With an underwater drone with a camera, it’s easy to inspect the net for damages or check the health of your fish. Uncover discrepancies early and plan for actions. Connect a gripper to retrieve lost tools or other objects in or around the pen

All aquaculture sites are required to monitor their fish and nets on a daily basis. Today, visual inspections conducted in fish pens are normally carried out by fixed camera systems, divers or large industrial ROVs.



Increased control in construction projects with underwater drones

A lot of construction work takes place near or in water. Both the construction of ferry lanes, bridges and roads require a good overview of how the construction affects the surrounding area and vice versa.

Check the condition on infrastructure with underwater drones

Ports and marinas are frequently visited by both leisure boats and larger vessels that carry both people and heavy load. Facilitation and management of these infrastructures is an important task to ensure that the traffic runs as normal

Ship hull inspections with underwater drones

We can carry out ship hull inspections without the need for dive teams or drydock inspections. Our underwater drones can examine all underwater components of your vessel and provide a crystal-clear 4k ultra high-definition recording of all our findings so you can determine if any action is required. Our underwater hull inspections are safer and more efficient than traditional methods and mean these inspections can be carried out with ease.

Monitor marine growth & minimize fuel consumption on a regular basis with ROVsFinding the optimal maintainance schedule can give great savings when it comes to uptime and reliability. With easier access to inspection points below the surface, you can take better decisions on when it is neccessary to take the next service. Conditions related to growth is typically related to seasonal changes, which makes it even more important to inspect frequently during the summer season.

Underwater Survey & Inspection Services

Underwater Quick Positioning Systems

Providing Underwater Asset Inspections

Underwater asset inspections can be incredibly difficult, whether it is bridge parapets, port walls, canal walls, mooring chains or even net inspections these can be difficult, time consuming, risky and expensive to carry out. Yet, it is essential that we can monitor the condition of all these assets as they are all critical assets with very important roles that cannot be allowed to deteriorate.

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