We are delighted to be appointed distribution partners for DEVINCI Cars, classic electric metro style sports cars fully electric with zero emissions.

First of all, DEVINCI CARS wanted a timeless line, something “chic”, simple and natural, approaching the basis of the automobile. Whether in its design or its piloting.

The brand also wanted to convey a feeling of freedom in contact with nature and the road and exclude this side locked in a box.

This vehicle is a sculpture, a concept, a unique experience where “chic” style, pleasure, freedom and ecology are its DNA.

The electric side of our classic cars quickly became natural. When we understand the philosophy of this vehicle, there can only be this engine. Especially now with the advancements in automotive technology.

The pleasure behind the wheel of a DEVINCI CARS classic car is unique and cannot be compared.

Even if its handling is exceptional, this is not the philosophy of the vehicle. We are here for the pleasure of the object and for a unique feeling of freedom.

DEVINCI CARS vehicles were created as a sculpture that includes volumes, shapes, geometries, and of course, color. All this with a balance where the detail is not one.

And incidentally, this car drives.

Not everything can be controlled! We must dare to go where we feel inspired, it’s so much easier and natural. Automotive art, like art in general, can only exist with this desire.

The owners of DEVINCI collector cars have a certain artistic sensitivity and not necessarily just an automobile passion. This is what initially decided them. But secondly, our vintage DEVINCI collectible cars give them an unexpected, unique pleasure.

For those who have the chance to drive a DEVINCI CARS, they discover unique sensations!

Pure and natural driving pleasure, comfort, exceptional handling and above all a feeling of freedom that only this vehicle will give you.

For him or her at the controls of a DEVINCI, on a magnificent seaside, mountain or city road, you will discover something different, sporty, relaxed, comfortable which will always get you in the eyes of those around you, a cool attitude, chic, original, luxury without being ostentatious.

DEVINCI automobiles are approved electric vehicles, the most ecological of our time: 10Kw for 100KM. We optimize energy consumption as much as possible by working extensively with our teams and our partners, on a multitude of parameters: weight, aerodynamics, friction, transmission, energy recovery.

The work accomplished is exceptional, the DEVINCI is certainly the most ecological road-approved 4-wheel vehicle available at the moment.