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iAQUA — The Game Changer In Underwater Leisure Submersibles.

Dream big, anything is possible now.

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In manufacturing iAQUA products, we wanted to use the same processes, techniques and software that we have perfected for our automotive components.  SeaDart was conceptualised in a full-size physical 3D clay. The highly skilled process of carving a clay is usually the realm of automotive design studios, but we wanted to ensure the form and lines were perfect.




 Each of the components within the SeaDart have been tested far beyond normal operating ranges. Cycling through extreme temperature and pressure cycles and subjected to simulated depths and salinity to ensure our components are always well within their comfort zones, whenever you are on the edge of yours.

By setting our standards high we have created ourselves a huge engineering challenge. As with all the components, we tested the Electric Control Module (the nerve centre of the SeaDart) to a simulated depth of 40m for an hour – the pressure at that depth is 73 psi, or the equivalent of parking a medium size car on a small lunch-box.

Each SeaDart is built to order in our factory in Shenzhen – all the components are tested individually before going into the assembly and the SeaDart is tested physically and diagnostically before leaving the factory.


The twin battery packs are not just the heaviest components within iAQUA products, they are also the most critical for performance; power output, longevity and recharge time are all determined by the cell design. Rather than taking on a proprietary system, we developed our own; from the bright green anodised casing to the battery management software, it has been optimised for iAQUA and developed with the leading cell manufacturers in the world.

Within each of the aluminium canisters are 96 individual Lithium Ion cells, providing each battery with a nominal voltage of 48V. Critical to the battery design is the management hardware and software which controls the discharge and recharge of the cells and ensures they operate within normal conditions, providing the motors with a consistent supply of power.

The anodised aluminium alloy canisters have been pressure tested to 40m and subjected to extremes of temperature and salinity to ensure that they provide reliable power for the waterjets in any conditions.

However, as with any rechargeable device the batteries have a finite number of discharge/recharge cycles before they begin to lose their charge – bad charging habits and extreme temperatures will further decrease the life. So we have made the battery units easily replaceable; using basic tools following the online videos you can replace the batteries within a few minutes.

IAQUA AquaDart 680 Light

*Prices to confirm they do NOT include VAT or any local taxes

Each component on the iAQUA AquaDart has been carefully engineered to deliver top performance at a modest price tag. While this is our “entry-level” version, be prepared to be thrilled! Surging through the water at 15km/h and diving to a depth of 20m the iAQUA AquaDart is the perfect introduction to what is possible at iAQUA and the new standard in underwater scooters.


*Prices to confirm they do NOT include VAT or any local taxes

The iAQUA AquaDart MAX is a big step up from the 680. Featuring Samsung cells, instead of the LG cells on the 680, we are able to take the performance up a gear. With a top speed of 21 km/h, able to reach depths of 30 meters and last for 80 minutes flat out, the iAQUA AquaDart MAX is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you speed through the water.

IAQUA AquaDart MAX +

The iAQUA AquaDart MAX+, as its name suggests is a maxed out iAQUA AquaDart. Capable of 21 km/h, diving to 30 meters and running flat out for 80 minutes. Using Samsung cells has allowed us to get way more power than the LG cells in the FUN. The iAQUA AquaDart MAX+ comes fitted with a set of 1700 lumen LED sub-lights and also features T-3000 modulus carbon fibre on both the LCD and jet outlet bezels.

IAQUA AquaDart 770 Xtreme

*Prices to confirm they do NOT include VAT or any local taxes

Bringing the fantasy to life, the iAQUA AquaDart 770 is our flagship, built fully from T-3000 carbon fibre outer, this reduces weight and adds to the rigidity. Our recent hydrodynamics research and motor optimization have allowed a top speed of over 25 km/h and the never-before-seen i-Mode. Our new patented propeller system keeps the noise down to a stealth level. Our waterproofing technologies still allow depths of 30m, while the battery life has been increased to 90 minutes.

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