Radinn, The world’s best electric jet board

Joining our line up of innovative watersports equipment comes Radinn, the world’s best electric jet board might just be an understatement, learning to tame one will de so much fun, on stream now our test demon centers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai through our partners imarine are now receiving guests, book your session now at https://imarine.biz

iAQUA.. set to be a game changer in the underwater submersible market.

Medasia Marine & Yachting group signed a distribution partnership with iAQUA for the GCC – Malta – Portugal and the United Kingdom, the 8 model range features realistic pricing, excellent build quality, longer run times and deeper dive depths, the T3000 built versions are manufactured from carbon Fiber and are the lightest, fastest and most capable underwater submersible in the market today.

More info at www.medasiamarine.com/iaqua

Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling

We are delighted to be appointed direct dealers for this excellent Totally Green Product. Sonihull uses the latest digital electronics and ultrasonic transducer technology. This system works by producing bursts of ultrasonic energy in multiple frequencies, the energy creates a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure. Microscopic bubbles are created from the negative pressure, while the positive pressure implodes them forming vapor cavities known as cavitation. The result of the implosion is a micro jet action that creates a cleaning effect on the hulls surface below the waterline. It also resonates and destroys single cell organisms such as algae. Disrupting this first link in the food chain keeps the surface clean and makes it a much less inviting habitat for larger organisms that feed on the algae. The microscopic movement of water also prevents barnacle and mussel larvae from embedding on the surface.

Pacifico Yachts Distribution for Malta & Maldives

Medasia Marine, now appointed distributor for the Brand of high end carbon fiber power cats from Pacifico Yachts.

Seajet Paints Distributor

Medasia Marine awarded Distributor for the Middle East Region