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ISM Code Mini ISM MLC 2006 ISPS Manuals - Fire Plans

We have over 35 years combined experience in ISM Management including implementation of SOLAS, STCW, MLC, ISPS and MARPOL regulations onboard Super Yachts. Read More


ISM Code

All commercially registered yachts over 500GRT must comply with the International Safety Management Code (ISM) regardless of their flag state. This code is set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with established guidelines and systems for the safe operation of yachts with regards to the safety of the passengers, crew and the protection of the environment. Our range of services includes Full ISM, ISPS, MLC 2006 services for commercial yachts and passenger yachts under the Passenger Yacht Code, as well as mini ISM's, Non-Tank Vessel Response Plans (NTVRP's), Yacht Management Services and Commercial Yacht Code Compliance. Our Safety Management System is electronic with twenty-four hour monitoring and support with updates and reporting occurring in real team. We can provide assistance to any yacht, irrespective of size or flag state and hold Documents of Compliance for many flag state

Mini ISM

A mini-ISM is a safety management system based on the ISM Code but tailored specifically to the needs of commercial yachts or vessels registered as private with limited charter usage over 24 meters and under 500GT which otherwise, under international maritime law, have to comply with a full ISM system. PurposeThe purpose of a mini-ISM system is to:-  Promote and ensure safety at sea for the yacht’s crew and guests and third parties -  Prevent human injury or loss of life to the yacht’s crew, guests and third parties -  Avoid damage to the yacht -  Avoid damage to the environment RequirementsThe requirements of a mini-ISM have been summarized by flag states as part of the rules and regulations governing the operation of commercial yachts over 24 meters in length.The key operational requirements of the system are as follows:A generic mini-ISM template will with minor modification and adjustment provide a basic ‘tick-in-the-box’ system, which will appear to take requirements seriously.If however the mini-ISM system is to be used as a genuine tool to improve the safety and quality of the vessel’s operation the template should require significant re-writing and adapting to specific onboard requirements, culture and unique threats. Medasia Marine can assist yacht owners and the captains of yachts with the implementation of a bespoke mini-ISM as stand-alone system or in conjunction with our electronic ISM system. Solely privately registered yachts can also benefit from an affective and well-maintained mini ISM.


Compliance with the ISPS is obligatory for every commercial yacht of 500 GT or more.  The ISPS codes provide an international standard for the security of the ship. Medasia Marine can provide all the necessary requirements obligated by the code, including dedicated Company Security Officers and Ship Security Plans and procedures.

MLC 2006

Compliance with the MLC 2006 is obligatory for every commercial yacht and, depending on flag, privately registered yachts with limited charter usage. Medasia Marine can assist in ensuring compliance to the MLC 2006, including assuming some of the responsibilities of the vessels owner. We monitor the latest updates on MLC 2006 regulation. Whether a private vessel looking to move into charter or a recently delivered new build super yacht, Medasia Marine can guide owners and captains in obtaining a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Certificate (DMLC) and maintenance of ongoing compliance

Maritime Security

Medasia Marine, through our affiliates can assist all Super yachts in developing strategic and operational security plans, to mitigate risks associated with cruising around the world including piracy, terrorism and crime.    While piracy is a universally recognized problem, terrorist activity in the Mediterranean is also a concern as is petty crime in the Caribbean.  A maritime security plan sets out the security measures and procedures to be implemented, at each maritime security level, to safeguard against acts of unlawful interference with the vessel. We provide a security and vulnerability assessment that identifies and describes the main security threat to the vessel.•  Identification of weaknesses, including human factors onboard •  Identification, selection and prioritization of measures to mitigate vulnerabilities •  Identification of necessary changes in the yacht procedures, etc. in order to reduce the vulnerability

Manuals - Fire Plans

Medasia Marine provides fully customized and approved flag and class manuals.  These include: -  Safety Training Manuals (SOLAS) -  Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP) -  U.S. Non-Tank Vessel Response Plans (NTVRP) -  Fire and Safety Plans -  Garbage Management Plans -  Shipboard Energy Efficiency Plans (SEEMP) -  Safety Management Systems (ISM and Mini-ISM) -  Ship Security Plans (ISPS) -  MLC compliant Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEA)​ -  DMLC Part 2 Manuals

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