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In 2000 we set out to re-invent teak decking. The result – a patented product that looks every bit as beautiful as traditional teak.


Flexiteek 2G is a beautiful, long lasting, high performance decking, designed to cope in all weather conditions.

As the established, category leader, Flexiteek 2G is hugely popular with boat owners. It is also specified by over 200 boatbuilders worldwide. With Flexiteek 2G there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing, sanding and oiling your deck. Our original decks – fitted some 20 years ago – are still going strong and still look great.


Whether you fancy a classic teak look, or something more modern, we have 11 colours to choose from. Combined with Black, Grey or White caulking, this gives you an enviable range of combinations with which to customise your deck.

Please note: Flexiteek is designed to replicate the graining found on natural timber; therefore, this effect will differ between planks. This non-uniformity is intentional and an inherent feature of the product.


We’ve designed Flexiteek 2G to give you the ultimate in looks, longevity and performance. From tenders to superyachts, Flexiteek 2G is the perfect choice for your dream decking.

With its fine grain finish, Flexiteek 2G is beautifully crafted to look just like real teak.

You’ll be the only one who knows it’s not the real thing. Flexiteek 2G is the perfect choice if you aspire to the traditional appeal of a lustrous, teak deck and comes in ‘like new’ and ‘weathered’ options.

Manufacturing Process

From Pellet to Profile.

We manufacture Flexiteek decking from virgin 2G polymer pellets. Sophisticated extrusion and dosing equipment ensures extreme accuracy, which means our colours are consistent and the wood grain effect is naturally inconsistent, just like real wood.

In-house designed extrusion dies control the dimensions and shape of the decking, which is cooled in a temperature-controlled water bath. Our expert craftsmen sand the surface of the decking, to bring out its grain and texture before final colour and quality checks are completed.

Flexiteek Trims

Compliment your Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak deck with our range of Flexiteek Trims. Developed in collaboration with Wilks, world-leaders in impact protection.

Each profile is available un-sanded in the same colour options as Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak, providing the ultimate uniform look to your craft. (Some of the colour options require a minimum order).

The Flexiteek Trims range is designed to both look and feel like real wood. Featuring the sought-after low maintenance qualities of Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak.

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