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Marine NanoTech Ceramics Gel Coats Paintwork Glass

Professionally protect Exterior & Interior surfaces of yachts, boats & tenders against Salt, Chemicals, Mold, Rust, Dirt, Stains, Bacteria, UV-rays, Oils, Scratches and Hard Water Spots.

Surface Renewal — Protection Based On Nanotechnology

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On Glass

Marine NanoTech specializes in the development of multifunctional protective nano-coatings for all surfaces. The Marine Coating detailing industry has seen great advances over the years, and the newest innovation in the field is the adoption of nano-coatings to provide the best protection for boats and yachts of all sizes. The cutting-edge technology of our products is designed in-house and exclusively for the marine industry, where Mega & Super yachts have high standards and face extreme challenging conditions, such as UV-RAYS, SALT, HUMIDITY, CHEMICALS and SCRATCHES on a daily basis.

How Marine NanoTech was born

The Marine Coating detailing industry has seen great advances over the years, and the newest innovation in the field is the adoption of Nano-Coatings to provide the best protection for boats and yachts of all sizes, for both, exterior and interior, Marine Nano- Tech ́s laboratory benefits from years of experience and research in advanced Nano Technology, providing protection against even the harshest of environments.

The excellence of the products that we designed specifically for the marine industry deserved to be transferred to the daily life of yacht owners, captains and crew. That’s how Marine NanoTech was born.

What makes Marine NanoTech unique

Marine Nano Tech´s in-house developed coatings are professionally applied and protect any surface from contaminating agents and premature aging. Thanks to the slickness of the coated surface, dirt does not stick to it anymore, resulting in an (almost) self-cleaning surface. This makes washing and cleaning less labor-intensive and less frequent. Oxidation is prevented. The created sacrificial layer with a hardness of up to 9H even prevents minor scratches. Bigger scratches that happen in the coating are easily removed with light polishing.

Due to the smoothened surface, gelcoat, paint, teak, plastics and fabrics turns highly hydrophobic, which means that liquids simply run off.

The protective coating blocks between 99 and 100% of all damaging UV rays and keeps other harmful environmental influences such as salt, dirt and acids from penetrating the original surface.

Marine NanoTech works with trusted and professional local agents who work in several steps to guarantee the best result for all surfaces. They professionally analyse and clean the surfaces with a preparation product, then apply several layers of the nano coating liquid with specialized techniques. When the coating has been worked into the material, this step is repeated several times as needed, depending of the structure of the treated surface.

Marine NanoTech stands behind its technology. That is why all our coatings come with full success warranty when maintained with our exclusive non toxic, non abrasive and ecofriendly cleaning products. We always encourage customers to see the entire spectrum of Marine NanoTech`s benefits with their own eyes- this is why our agents offer free test patches for any surface.

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