Aqua Viva Villas

Rumour has it we like being close to the water. It’s true. After all, life came from the sea and to the sea it will return one day. Well, some of us think so. It certainly make sense, somehow. Over 70% of our planet is covered with water. 60% of our bodies is water. We’re practically puddles, standing upright. In other words, we do have a special connection to water

‘Aqua Viva’ is a pre-fabricated building kit. As drawn it’s based on four 15  by 3 metre floats, on which 3 shell elements are mounted. The front and back facing elements have a kink to break up the shape’s uniformity. This would allow for 90 sqm of living space. A master suite, a second bed room that could either be a guest room, a kid’s room or a study. The rest is very open, loft style. With adding a fifth float we would be 120 sqm, giving you a little bit more storage and added functionality.

All parts are designed for pre-fabrication, fully sustainable, easy transport and easy installation.



Pre - Fab Floating designer villas

  • Strategy

    Design and build a series of floating villas

  • Design

    Coquine Design

  • Client

    Private client

  • Tags

    Floating Villa, Villa


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